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There are a wide variety of air conditioners to choose from & finding the right one can make all the difference. At Innovair we offer a wide variety of air conditioners, for residential or commercial purposes. So whether it is a full central air conditioning unit, inverter unit, or portable unit, we are sure we will have the right fit for you. Below we discuss some of the differences in air conditioners and what situations fit each model best.

Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes. The most efficient air conditioner for your home or office is typically a central air conditioner. They are very quiet and extremely efficient. Central air conditioners work best not only because they produce large amounts of cool air, but are also able to maintain specific temperatures.


Central air conditioners consist of two systems, the condensing unit and the evaporative unit. The condensing unit is typically located outside the home where it houses the compressor, condensing coils, and condensing fan. Because the unit is installed outside it greatly reduces noise. The evaporative unit is housed in the furnace of your home and consists of the evaporator coils and expansion valve. Central units are the best option for a home or office as they provide efficient cooling with high energy efficiency


The second type of air conditioner is the inverter unit. Inverter units are easy to install, quiet, and work well for most room sizes. These are typically found in hotels and apartments. They are very discreet and fit easily onto most walls. Unlike window units, inverters work by constantly regulating the fan speed to keep an even temperature at all times. The condensing unit is located on the exterior which holds the compressor, condenser, and the fan. The evaporative unit is on the interior and controls air cooling and distribution. Inverter units have the added benefit that, unlike window units, they do not take up window space, and do not leave spaces or cracks for cool air to seep out.


Finally we get to portable air conditioning units. The ability to move these units from room to room as well as being able to store when not in use is why this is a popular choice for those living in temperate climates. Portable units can be placed in any room in the house. They can help you from wasting energy by allowing you to cool the specific room you want and not having to waste energy cooling a room that is not in use. Everything is located within the air conditioning unit itself. To get started all you need is an electrical outlet and a vent the leads outside where you can place the exhaust hose. Portable units can be used in addition to other units, and although they can be a bit nosier they are great for small rooms.


With so many options to choose from figuring it all out can be overwhelming. Innovair is committed to helping you find the best air conditioning system for your home or office. We hope that these tips and pointers will help guide you in figuring out which system will work best for what you need. Visit our website or speak with our excellent sales team for any further assistance. Let us help find the right system for you!