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I’m sure you’ve all passed through an air curtain at some point or another and probably haven’t even realized it. Think of a time when you were walking into a large warehouse, or a store that has an outdoor section. Have you ever noticed walking from one section of the store to the other there is a wall of air that blows down on you through the doorway? That is an air curtain. It is a wall of air used to separate areas in a store, warehouse, industrial plants, or hospitals.

By creating a wall of constant airflow between different environments you can easily regulate the temperature more efficiently. It is also very efficient at keeping out dust, fumes, insects, and other outdoor elements. Innovair offers a wide variety of air curtains to suit any need. Below we discuss further the benefits of an air curtain and when is the best time to use one.


So now that we know what an air curtain is. You may ask yourself, why use an air curtain when I can just use a door. While that is a good question, it comes down to the efficiency and benefits of an air curtain. Unlike doors air curtains offer a much more open space. They are a way for a customer or employee to be able to have a clear view and unobstructed path, either inside or out. Air curtains are much better at regulating temperatures. Unlike doors, which when opening and closing create a gap where air can escape. Air curtains are constantly on and create no gap when someone walks through it.



Air curtains can be built to fit any need and are extremely efficient as well as unobtrusive. They have an added health benefit of creating a barrier from dust, pollution, fumes, and bad odors. Most air curtains can be found in warehouses that need to have open loading docks. Hospitals use them in a variety of ways but the most common is at the emergency room entrance. It is the first line of defense against out door bacteria and chemicals. They can also be used in supermarkets, restaurants, factories, and any other buildings that require separation from room to room.


Innovair offers a variety of air curtains to fit any need. Along with the benefits you will see the practicality of choosing an air curtain over a door. Visit our website to see the options available to you. Our goal is to provide the most innovative and efficient air conditioning equipment in the world!