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Air conditioners have come a long way and no longer do you need to install a central A/C unit. There are several options to choose from such as the window units, inverter units, and portable air conditioning units. Now-a-days, portable air conditioners have become extremely popular because of their mobility and ability to cool any room efficiently. Some portable air conditioners even have wheels on the bottom to make moving them around even easier!


Portable air conditioners are ideal for anyone who lives in temperate climates, where you donā€™t need a central unit installed because you only use it during a portion of the year. They will save you a bunch of money by not having to install an entire central system and are easy to store during the winter months.
You can bring the unit into the specific room and cool only that room. This can save you a lot of money on your electric bill because you are not wasting energy cooling rooms that are not in use.

Portable air conditioners work by pulling in room temperature air and cooling it as it filters through. Installation is simple, you place the unit in the room, lead the exhaust vents out the window to release the hot air, and turn it on! Most units plug directly into your wall outlet, but there are some units that run off battery power making them ideal for areas with no power source.



Some portable units come with dehumidifying functions and even heating functions making them very versatile. They are perfect for people with allergies or those who need a dehumidifier when sleeping.

InnovairĀ is committed to being the world most efficient manufacturers in air conditioning equipment. Whether it is aĀ portable air conditioner unitĀ or a full central system, we offer all types of air conditioning systems and ensure you will find the perfect fit for your home.