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A dependable air conditioning unit is essential for people living in South Florida. However, many homeowners have a tough time deciding between mini split and central air conditioning units. In the past, homeowners thought that central air was the better option. Today, most people are factoring in the high cost of energy and are looking for more energy efficient ways to cool their home. It is important to do a lot of research and find out which AC unit works best for you and your family. You must factor in both the initial cost of the AC unit and also the long-term investment. Here are some of the pros and cons of mini split and central AC units.



Central Air Conditioners

Typically, central ACs have two units. The first unit is outdoors and contains your condenser and compressor. The second unit is inside and blows cold air through ducts in your home



The main advantage central AC units have is their ability to cool the entire house through one unit. Another advantage is the quality of the air that is being pumped through the ducts. Central AC units have filters that can remove harmful pollutants and micro allergens from the air. Additionally, central AC units produce less noise than mini split ACs. In fact, most central units produce no noise at all in the home.


One disadvantage is the fact that central AC unit ducts can often leak. This leakage has the ability to negatively effect energy efficiency. Another disadvantage is the fact that central ACs cool the entire home even if you are not using those living areas. This can lead to higher energy costs as well.

Mini Split Air Conditioners

These AC units only cool single spaces in your home. Mini splits are equipped with an outdoor and indoor component as well. However, mini split AC units are most commonly used for multifamily houses or added to houses that are not capable of having Central AC.




A huge advantage to mini split ACs is their size and versatility. They are great options for individual rooms in your home. Another advantage is the ability to turn off the unit and/or individually change the thermostat. Additionally, Mini Split AC units are easier to install and can fit in tight spaces.


The main disadvantage to mini split AC units is the cost. These units typically produce 30% more cooling capacity than central AC units. This has the ability to double your monthly cost. Another disadvantage is the look of an indoor unit. Mini split units are usually mounted on the wall and don’t have that built in look like central AC units have.



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