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Innovair is one of the world’s leading manufacturer in A/C units. We have a variety of units to choose from for your home or business. Whether it is a full commercial system, or simply a floor/ceiling unit used to cool down your office. Our customer representatives can find the right system for you.

A/C has come a long way in recent years and the technology keeps getting better and better. What once needed to be installed while constructing the building has now been so improved that you can simply add a unit to any preexisting room. This new technology with floor and ceiling units gives the customer a much cheaper and efficient option than installing a full unit.

innovair3-300x201Floor/Ceiling a/c units are meant to either be mounted low to the floor, or on the ceiling out of sight. They are slim and lightweight but just as efficient as any other system. They can be operated by remote and you have the ability to control the timer. They come with humidity control and can reach a desired temperature and maintain that temperature more efficiently than conventional air conditioners.



An ideal space to use a floor/ceiling unit would be in a room or hallway where space is limited. They can be installed quickly and don’t take up much wall room. Another option would be to install them higher up on the wall or on the ceiling at the entrance to a room. This ensures the air is being dispersed evenly and also keeps the aesthetic appeal of the room or office.

Most spaces don’t require the power that a full system unit would provide. A floor/ceiling unit is ideal because of lower installation costs, but also higher energy efficiency. At Innovair we offer a wide range of units to fit your needs. We hope this has helped you decide whether a floor/ceiling unit would be best for you. Visit us online our call customer support team to learn more!