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Choosing the right a/c unit to fit a room can make all the difference. Yet finding the right one from all the different options can leave you feeling confused. At Innovair we offer two of the best options, window units and portable floor units. We want to discuss the benefits of both to help you make the right choice!

A/C technology has come a long way in recent years and has created many more options when it comes to cooling your home. No longer do you need to have a full system installed in your home as convenience and cost are much more of a concern. The two best options for cooling a room without a central system are window units and portable floor units.

Window units have been around longer than portable units and have traditionally been more popular. They are easy to install, don’t take up a lot of space on the floor, and are quiet and efficient. A window unit that runs at about 24,500 BTU’s can easily cool a room that is 1,560 sq. ft. Which make them ideal if you are trying to cool a relatively large room. They typically come with a remote that controls multiple settings from energy efficiency, multiple air flow speeds, and options to run the fan only. Window units are best used in a home with multiple windows and not a lot of floor space. Also having low windows makes installation much easier. Many homes that are in tropical climates use window units and leave them installed all year round.