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Summer is here and in full swing! As the temperature steadily rises it is important to be able to keep your home cool and comfortable. There are many air conditioning options to choose from such as window units or central air conditioning but recently there has been a rise in the popularity of the inverter air conditioning units.


Conventional window air conditioning units use a single speed compressor, which greatly reduces the efficiency and ability for the air conditioner to cool air and maintain it at the desired temperature. Window units are also big and bulky and require you to use up window space. Another issue with using a window a/c unit is the fact that when installed on your window, there are still gaps and spaces which let air out, as well as allowing the outside air to come in as well. It is very difficult to close those spaces and create a good seal. This diminishes the ability for the a/c unit to cool down a room and forces the unit to work harder to maintain the temperature.

The technology used in an inverter a/c unit is all about the variable speed compressor used as opposed to a single speed compressor. This works by switching off when a desired temperature is reached and then on again when the temperature changes. The inverter technology uses fans that are constantly in motion and slow down or speed up to reach and maintain the desired temperature.


Inverter air conditioning units have become much more popular for many reasons but mostly because they are not as costly as having a central unit installed in your home. Compared to window-mounted units they are about 30-50% cheaper to run and take up far less room than a window unit; they require no open windows and can easily be installed in any room on any wall. This insures that there is no way that the air can escape through gaps or spaces.

At Innovair we are committed to bringing you the most options whether you chose between central a/c units or an inverter unit. We have everything for your residential and commercial needs. We believe in providing the highest quality products and customer service. Our goal is to be the world’s most efficient manufacturers of air conditioners and it all starts and ends with you!