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Air conditioning unit theft has become a major issue all across the country. AC condensers are an easy target because they are easy to access and have copious amounts of valuable materials (copper, steel, and aluminum). Theses metals are then sold to a local scrap yard or recycling center for a small amount of cash. As a result of higher metal prices and a struggling economy, it is more important than ever to keep your AC condensing unit safe against thieves. Here are a few tips to keep your AC unit protected.


The first thing you can do to combat thieves is to add security measures around the condensing unit. These include extra lighting and security cameras pointing directly at the unit itself. Lights and cameras can deter thieves because it makes them more visible and vulnerable. They are less likely to go through with their heist if they know they are being watched.


Another great way to keep your AC condensing unit safe is by putting a cage or fence around the unit. This provides the most protection from thieves because they are unwilling to go through the trouble of breaking into the cage or fence. In fact, many insurance companies are offering incentives to homeowners when they install cages for their condensing unit. However, you want to ensure that your cage is the right size to allow proper airflow in your unit. You can also add an alarm or motion sensor that is built specifically for your unit.


Preventing theft can often times be as easy as locking all the fences or gates around the condensing unit. Often times thieves check to see if gates are open and will specifically target those areas with easier access. If one fence is locked and a neighboring house’s fence is unlocked, the thief is most likely going to target the unlocked fence. It is very important to make sure your perimeter fence is locked and secured.


Using these tips can help protect against AC condensing theft. Remember, thieves are looking for an easy job. The more obstacles you put in their way, the less likely they will steal from you.